Icemaker Making Too Much Ice

Make sure that the ice bucket is securely locked in place under the icemaker.

Observe the Feeler Arm or Shut Off Arm, which is a metal or plastic lever that will be pushed to an “up” position when the ice bucket has reached maximum capacity and signals to stop the production of ice.

You can test to see if the arm is working properly by manually moving the arm back and forth from the “up” to “down” positions. If the arm has become damaged or detached, this is why you have an overproduction of ice in your unit.

 If the level arm is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

 If the problem is not with your shut off arm and ice is still being made, you may have a faulty Control Module. However, a faulty control board usually relates to situations where your icemaker is not producing any ice. 

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