Troubleshoot your Ice Maker

Posted by Katie Richardson on 3/14/2019 to DIY

We all know how annoying it can be to have to fill those tiny ice cube trays and put them in the freezer, just to do it again and again every time ice is used. This is why many people depend on the ease and convenience of an ice maker. But what if it isn’t working properly?? Check out these common problems and their simple solutions, and fix it on your own!

The Importance of a Clean Ice Maker

Posted by Maddie Taggart on 8/20/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
The ice maker, which is inside your refrigerator, makes ice and dispenses water. Since it houses that drinking water, it's important to keep it clean. If not maintained it will taste different, damage your machine, or even cause mold or slime to grow which could make you sick.

Different Ways to Use Ice Cubes Around the House

Posted by Shelby Cohan on 6/21/2018 to DIY
Different Ways to Use Ice Cubes Around the House

Everyone knows the common uses for ice like to cool down a drink or used in an injury but there are more uses for ice that aren’t so obvious! You're missing so many helpful ways to use ice!

Average Life Expectancy of Home Appliances

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 7/20/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

                In order to keep your home appliances running for as long as they’re supposed to, you must make sure you use them properly as well as keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance on them. 

How to Prepare Your Appliances for a Move

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 6/21/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

If you decide to move your appliances with you to a new home, it’s important that you take these precautions before you begin loading up your moving truck.

How to Safely Dispose of Your Old Appliances

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 2/19/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

If it’s time to buy a new appliance, then it’s probably time to get rid of an old appliance. Properly disposing of old appliances and electronics we no longer use is important so that we can prevent hazardous chemicals and contaminants from being exposed into the environment. 

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