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Posted by Katie Richardson on 2/20/2019 to DIY

February seems to be the month of cuddling up on the couch with a movie, or settling into your favorite chair with a good book. The sofas and other plushy furniture in your house get used a great deal, meaning they need to be cleaned regularly as well. But how do you know the best way to clean them? Keep reading for some tips on cleaning your furniture!

Always start by checking the manufacturer’s recommendations for care, which are usually found on the tags. All fabric types are slightly different, and using the improper cleaning solutions could damage your sofa. Check the cleaning codes. See below for the codes and what they mean:

WUse only water based cleaners

S/WCan use solvents and water based cleaners

S Use only solvents

XVacuum only

Oops- accidentally spill something? Stains should be taken care of immediately to create less of a chance of them setting. Use a solution recommended for your specific fabric (some homemade solutions work well with most materials, such as vinegar/water mixtures and baking soda solutions, but you should still double check). Blot the impacted area with the solution and a microfiber cloth. Dab dry with another microfiber cloth and allow to fully air dry.

For general cleaning purposes, use a stiff brush and go over the entire couch or chair, brushing off loose particles and bringing dust to the surface. Follow this up by vacuuming the entire thing, using an upholstery attachment.

Then use whatever the recommended cleaning agent for your piece of furniture is. Make sure to reach the back and sides of the piece, and all sides of any removable cushions. Pat down any wet/damp areas with a dry towel to soak up as much moisture as possible.

Let your sofa air dry overnight. Put a fan facing the furniture if you want to speed up the drying process. The next day, you’ll have a fresh sofa or chair to sink into!

It is recommended to vacuum the furniture weekly, and the fabric surfaces should be cleaned at least once a month.

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