Kill the Odor in the Car

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 11/7/2018 to Appliance Maintenance

Car odors can be  an awful thing to come upon. Who has time to clean the inside of a car, especially since the cold weather is coming. Have no fear, removing bacteria that can create odors in your car can be much simpler than people can realize. Below are a few good ways to get rid of the bad smell that can be lurking in your car.

  1. Clean the car- Start by removing trash and bottles from the car. Look on the floors, seats, cup holders, pockets, and under the driver and passenger seat for additional trash that may be causing the smell. Read the car’s manual to see which cleaning products should be used and which ones shouldn’t.

  2. Wipe the surfaces- Use a cloth of any type to wipe down the dash boards, middle console, windows etc. Use glass cleaner for the windows and use warm soap and a mild detergent to clean the other surfaces. If there is leather, use a proper leather cleaner. Clean inside the glove compartment as well. Just remove the items, wipe down, wait to dry and then put the necessary items back in there.

  3. Use a soft but tough brush to loosen up any dirt or debris from the carpet or seats.

  4. Vacuum the car- Remove the floor rugs that can be removed. Now vacuum the carpet and the seats to remove the dirt. Make sure to get a nozzle to go in between the cracks on the car. You can also sprinkle a carpet deodorizer if need be.

  5. Don’t forget the trunk

  6. After cleaning, this should give you a clear sign of where the odor is or what it could be. If there is still a smell and it is located, go through the proper steps to clean up the specific odor.

  7. Spray a deodorizer through the whole car to give it that final touch.

Now you're all set!

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