Laundry Baskets You'll Actually Want to Keep Around your Home!

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 1/11/2018 to DIY
Laundry Baskets You'll Actually Want to Keep Around your Home!

Let’s face it, doing laundry may not be fun so add a little bit of style to it! Laundry baskets need to be sturdy and functional, but why are they usually so ugly? Get rid of your typical plastic laundry baskets and trade them in for a new and stylish laundry basket to spice up your laundry room. We set out and found some chic, stylish laundry baskets that you will want to leave out in and around your home!


Wire Basket with Liner


This wire basket has an industrial and vintage feel to it. It is simple and the wheels make it easy to move around your home. No more struggling and dragging your laundry around your home. The liner ensures that nothing will fall out and since the basket is relatively higher than typical ones, it makes it easier to ensure that nothing will fall out of the top of the basket.


Surplus Laundry Bag


This laundry basket is sturdier than the last; it is made with military surplus-style canvas. It’s great for storage purposes because it can be folded down flat and stored away. The bright colorful handles make the basket stand out in style.


Bushel Steele Laundry Bin


This is another vintage laundry basket that looks like its straight out of an old factory. It may not be tall like the others, but it is large enough to hold several loads of laundry. The wheels make it easy to roll around your home and the steel frame and thick canvas fabric mean the laundry basket will last.



Tosca Laundry Basket


If you are a homeowner who has to separate their whites and their colors than these laundry baskets are perfect for you. These bins are stylish and functional because they can fit in your closet and be used to separate whites and colors. Or they can be used to designate a basket per family member for more organization.



Gray Rectangular Basket


This contemporary women laundry basket is a great piece for a modern space. You can place these baskets on closet shelves to get them out of the way in your laundry room. These baskets are inexpensive and you can even use them to teach your children how to sort their laundry!




Those are only a few of the many more stylish, vintage, chic laundry baskets that are available to you, and will make you want to leave your laundry basket out and about!

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