Modern Kitchen Trends to Try

Posted by Lien Pham on 10/20/2017 to Help
Modern Kitchen Trends to Try
Want to freshen up or remodel your kitchen? Let’s kick off the last three months of 2017 by trying these cool and trendy kitchen trends! 

Hidden Appliances:
Tired of your kitchen being so cluttered with bulky appliances that take up so much space? Find an integrated appliance that will blend with your cabinetry in your kitchen. Appliance garages are very popular in trying to hide your appliances. Types of appliance garages are rolling doors, folding doors, lift up doors, and sliding doors.

Get Creative with LED:
The usage of LED with kitchen décor has been widely popular. LEDs are energy efficient and can last 50,000 hours on average. You can put them anywhere in your kitchen without worrying about them burning the cabinets or walls. These come in all different colors so it allows you to get creative with how you want it in your kitchen. LEDs have been showing up in places everywhere such as the inside of cabinet doors, toe kicks, and some people even like them on their ceiling. 

Automated Faucets:
Technology is always growing and people are thinking of new innovative ideas to integrate into our kitchen. With the help of designers, we now have faucets that are automatic and or tap on. These are common in public restrooms and other facilities but it looks even better to have in your kitchen when your hands are greasy. 


Bright White:
Whoever said white kitchen will go out of style is wrong. The chances of you getting tired of that bold color will be greater than you regretting to paint your wall white. With an all-white kitchen, you can always add a statement color like bright yellow or whatever you prefer to get that kiss of color. 

Matte Black:
If you want a more modern chic look to your kitchen you might want to ditch the bronze and chrome and go for matte black. This color is showing up everywhere whether it is on cabinet hardware, countertops, and even aprons! This non-glossy finish is anything but boring, it brings a cool pop to your kitchen. 

Grey projects a nice edgy yet elegance to your kitchen. Grey undertones lend a timeless sophisticated look to any kitchen. Cabinets this color can project a luxurious feel and is paired with natural light. 

Wood Floors:
Just like the color white, the wooden floor is going nowhere (sorry tiles). The material adapts flawlessly to just about any style. 

Dark Floor: 
Whether you decide tiles or hardwood for your floors opting for a darker color allows your wall or cabinetry to stain up a softer custom feel. 

Large Kitchen Islands:
These have now become the focal centerpiece of a kitchen. A large kitchen island paired with dramatic lights or LED will transform your dull kitchen. They usually have storage cabinets and serve as a dinking/drinking bar. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a multifunctional island. 

Thanks for reading! We hope you keep these in mind when remodeling your kitchen! 

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