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Posted by Maddie Taggart on 7/23/2018 to DIY
Everybody loves taking their clothes out of the washing machine or dryer and getting a whiff of a clean, fresh scent. However, some detergents and dryer sheets are full of harmful chemicals. Using natural ingredients from vinegar to essential oils are much better options than the store-bought alternatives.

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Citrus and Oils
Take one cup vinegar, one cup baking soda, a half cup of borax, and mix. Add in 20 drops of essential oils, specifically citrus-scented (such as lemon or orange), and there you have it! Add in a quarter cup to your normal load of laundry, and you'll have fresh smelling clothes!

Scent Booster
For this boost of natural scent, take 1-2 cups of  Kosher or Epsom salt and 20-30 drops of whatever essential oils you prefer. Add a tablespoon of this to your next batch of laundry and you'll have enhanced the fragrance of your clothing with no chemicals.

Scented Vinegar.
Vinegar sounds a bit out of the ordinary, since it usually has a very bitter smell. But, it is a natural deodorizer and you can dull the sour scent by steeping some citrus peels in it. Take a jar of white vinegar, and steep the peel of lemon, lime, orange or any other citrus for 2-3 weeks and then transfer to a spray bottle. You can even put the used peel down your garbage disposal to give it a fresh scent! Then, you can add the scented vinegar to you wash as you wish.


Natural Dryer Sheets
Make natural dryer sheets by simply taking 3-5 drops of your preferred essential oil to a cotton cloth (for example, an old t-shirt), and throw about 3 sheets into your next dry cycle.

Dryer Balls
Dryer balls are a well-known substitute for dryer sheets, and you can add scent to them by simply pouring on a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Hopefully these tips gave some insight on how easy it is to perfume your laundry without any dangerous store-bought chemical. And, if you have all of these ingredients on hand, it will be a much cheaper option, too!

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