Naturally Cleaning the Coffee Maker

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 2/25/2019 to Appliance Maintenance

If there are coffee drinkers within the household, then the coffee maker is probably one of the most used appliances in the home. Coffee makers should be cleaned regularly. Not every day or every week, but at least every month or every few months. However, no one wants to clean a coffee maker with harsh chemicals, so read below on how to make the coffee maker clean without harsh chemicals.

There are multiple things you can use without those chemicals. These ingredients include:

  • Vinegar - one cup of vinegar and distilled water. This is used in the reservoir. Pour it in, let it sit and then run the coffee maker. Repeat.

  • Baking Soda - This is used to clean the outside of the coffee maker

  • Dish soap - used if there is a removable filter

  • Clean cloth - wipe down the outside of the coffee maker

  • Clean sponge/gentle scrub brush - used to clean the exterior of the coffee maker with the baking soda

These ingredients can be used together for a deep clean the coffee maker.

There is a product that cleans the coffee maker all by itself. This product is Affresh Coffee Maker Cleaner. As stated from Affresh themselves, “Affresh Coffee Maker Cleaner is specially formulated to descale your coffee maker and fight mineral build-up that can increase brewing time, affecting the taste of your coffee. Each tablet is easy to use. No need to mix, measure or stir. Just drop and brew.” It is that simple.

This product can be found on our website at

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