Oven Fan Won't Turn Off

WARNING: Before checking or testing any parts, be sure to disconnect your range from its power source completely and shut off the gas.

If you’re having problems with your oven fan not turning off, here are some possible causes to why your fan is staying on:

1.)    High Limit Thermostat

This part sends voltage to your oven fan as the appliance heats up. If the part is damaged it might keep sending volts to the oven fan even after your unit has cooled off. Use your owner manual to locate the thermostat, and use a multimeter to check the thermostats continuity. If it does not have continuity, then it may need to be replaced.  

2.)    Oven Control Board

This part of the oven regulates power to your fan, bake, and broiler according to whatever settings you have placed on the display. If one of your relays have shorted out, the control board might send consistent voltage to the fan. 

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