Oven Will Not Turn On

If your electric range will not turn on, be sure to check that it is not stuck in self-cleaning mode as it will not turn on while this feature is running. If that is not the case, observe the fuse-box or circuit breakers and wiring of the terminal block at the back of the range. Voltage can be tested with a voltmeter.  

If your oven has internal fuses, the electrical wiring could be the cause of a blown fuse. Inspect the oven elements and associated wiring to determine the cause before replacing the fuse.

Normally, the bake element in your range will glow red when it becomes hot. If the element does not glow this means that there is no heat being absorbed. Inspect the bake element for any signs of damaged such as blistering, cracks, or separation. If there is no visible damaged, test for continuity using a multi-meter; if there is no continuity, replace the element. 

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