Prepare your Patio for the Warmer Months

Posted by Katie Richardson on 5/2/2019 to DIY

The first day of May brings thoughts of sunshine and warmer temperatures ahead. These ideas of summer dancing in our heads can make us want to make sure that our outdoor spaces are ready for use. If you have a patio or outdoor space, keep reading for some tips on how to get it ready for summer gatherings!

If you have a cement patio, it might need a good power washing. If it is stones or another patio material, you can wash it off yourself with a regular garden hose or an outdoor mop. Pull any weeds that have grown up in the space. Now is the time to re-plant grass seed if necessary.

The landscaping around a patio can completely change the whole look of your outdoor space. Make your plans for your gardens now- decide what annuals, perennials, and what color schemes and types of plants you will be adding. With a plan in place, you will be ready as soon as plants become available and be able to adhere more to a budget. Replace broken stones, feeders, or other garden accessories that are looking worse for the wear.

Plan for pest control. If you have a screened in area, that makes things easy. But if that is not feasible, there are bug-repellent plants, candles, and sprays you can use. Also, if you have garbage receptacles in your outdoor space, make sure they have lids that close and lock so as to keep animals such as raccoons making a mess. Be sure to regularly empty these receptacles to keep the insect levels down.

Bring out your patio furniture from storage and give it a deep clean. If you do not store your patio furniture inside, make sure to give it an extra scrub, and consider finding storage space to make your furniture last longer. Most outdoor cushions can be washed in the washing machine, but be sure to check the labels. If the furniture is looking a little worn, replacing pillows and cushions can give it a fresh look for not much money.

If you have a fire pit, be sure to clean it out thoroughly before using it again. Empty it of ashes and scrub the bowl (if it is a contained pit) or rake up the area (if it is just on the ground). Start each season with fresh wood and be sure to follow all fire regulations for your specific area.

The best part of any party is the food, so don’t forget to prepare the grill for your outdoor cookouts! Take out the grates and scrub them in soap and hot water, and empty out the bottom of old ashes and food pieces. Empty the oil trap and scrub the entire outer surface. There are specific grill cleaning solutions and degreasers to help this process along. Be sure to have an extra propane tank on hand so you don’t run out!

Once the space is clean, add any new decorations or outdoor lighting fixtures that you have. Patios are a small but very important part of your outdoor space, so make sure yours is attractive and ready for guests!

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