Reasons Your Washer Is Shaky

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 9/2/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

                 Your washer wasn’t shaky when you got it, so why is it shaky now? If your unit begins to shake or move when a wash cycle is operating, this is a sign of an unbalanced load. The start of a wobbly washer usually happens over time as different parts that act as a precaution in preventing this become warn out. The three parts responsible for offering stability during off balance loads are: the leveling legs, shock absorber and suspension spring.

                Leveling legs are used for lowering/raising a unit so that all four sides are equal in height. When your leveling legs are not adjusted so that the washer is even, it will shake when it is operating. Check to make sure that all your leveling leg nuts are tightened and that the rubber feet are intact.  

                The shock absorber is the part necessary for eliminating movement in the tub during the spin cycle. If you hear a loud banging noise during the spin cycle, this could be an indication that your shock absorber is not working to its optimum performance level and may need to be replaced.  

                Suspension springs serve 2 essential functions, which include: stabilizing the tub to the base of the unit and absorbing vibrations in the wash tub during the spin cycle. It is possible for your suspension springs to become stretched out, damaged, or disconnected. First check to make sure that your springs are still attached. If you find them to be missing or damaged, then you will need to replace them. Missing or broken parts can cause some serious damage to any appliance. Once determining the cause of an issue, you should replace all the necessary parts before continuing to use the appliance.  

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