Refrigerator is Leaking

WARNING: Before testing or repairing any parts, be sure to disconnect your unit from its power source completely.

1.)    Clogged Defrost Drain (Top Freezer Models): When frost builds up on the evaporator coils, the defrost heater turns on to melt away at the ice. The refrigerator then drains out the excess water onto the drain pan. The evaporator fan is circulating air throughout this process, which may cause debris to get caught in the coils. If there is a large accumulation of debris, the drain can become clogged, resulting in a water leak out onto your floor.  

2.)    Drain Pan: If your refrigerator drain pan is broken or cracked, it may cause leaking out through the bottom of your unit.

3.)    Door Gaskets/Seals: These are the rubber fittings that create an air-tight seal between the doors of your fridge and the unit itself. If they have become stretched out, they will not form a proper seal. The cool air condensation will then be released out of your unit and may cause leaking.  

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