Replacing A Refrigerator Door Handle

Posted by Appliance Parts Experts on 1/26/2016 to Appliance Maintenance
Over time you will find your refrigerator door handle isn’t looking as nice as it used to due to regular wear and tear. When it's time to replace your door handle, it shouldn't have to be difficult! Follow our guide for this replacement to easily and efficiently replace it on your own. To complete this repair, the only tool you will need to do so is an Allen wrench. If you are looking to purchase a replacement handle, you can find them on our website here:

1. Open the refrigerator door on the side you are replacing the handle.
2. Using your Allen wrench, loosen the screws at the top and the bottom of the unit.
3.  After you have loosened both screws, lift up and out to remove the handle from the door.
4. Taking your new handle, make sure the screws are aligned with the inside of the door.
5.  Once you have matched them up, place the handle on top of the knobs, and then tighten the screws using your Allen wrench.  

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