The Importance of a Clean Ice Maker

Posted by Maddie Taggart on 8/20/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
The ice maker, which is inside your refrigerator, makes ice and dispenses water. Since it houses that drinking water, it's important to keep it clean. If not maintained it will taste different, damage your machine, or even cause mold or slime to grow which could make you sick. Therefore, here's why exactly you should keep a clean ice maker, and some tips on how to do so.

So, why should you clean your ice machine? If you don't sanitize it regularly, scale, magnesium, and calcium can change the taste of the water. Not only that, but it can also cause bacteria to develop and can even lead to mold. Basically, an unclean ice maker can lead to an extremely unsanitary one.

Additionally, a dirty ice maker is also a risk to itself! With all of the buildup, the machine might not operate properly and that may cause damage. If scale develops on a sensor, clogs up a pump, or adheres to evaporator plates, your machine is in big trouble.

To keep your machine clean, first unplug the refrigerator. Then, take apart as much of the ice maker as you can, to get in all of the nooks and crannies where there may be any bacteria buildup. Then, gently clean the machine being careful not to damage the dispenser or ice mold. Use warm water, dish soap, or diluted vinegar to clean the interior and exterior of the machine. For a deeper clean, use diluted bleach and a toothbrush to really disinfect everything. Finally, dry the ice maker completely and put it back in your fridge.

There you have it! Why and how you should clean your ice maker, to prevent damage to yourself or the machine. With these tips, you will have a productive ice machine with great tasting ice and water!

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