The Mystery Behind Why Your Oven Isn't Cooking Your Food Evenly

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 2/23/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

If you are frequently experiencing issues with your oven not cooking your food evenly throughout, then it’s time to start investigating the cause. There are a few different reasons that this could be persistently getting worse and could have something to do with your oven’s bake element, igniter, or broil element.

                 When the bake element burns out on an oven, the broil element is the only thing left to heat the oven, resulting in an uneven distribution of heat. A burned out bake element does not glow red as it would if it were heating properly. Check to make sure your bake element is glowing red when turned on, and if not, you’ve just solved the problem! Replacement bake elements for sale on our website can be found here:

                If your bake element was heating up just fine and glowing as it should, the next probable cause is the igniter. The igniter can become weakened over time becoming less effective at transferring the electrical current through the safety valve to the burner. When the igniter is not working properly, it takes longer for the safety valve to open, producing issues with the temperature of the oven. To test if the igniter is indeed your problem, turn on your oven and watch the igniter while it heats up. If it takes 90 seconds or more for the igniter to trigger the flame, then your igniter is not strong enough to properly open the safety valve. You can find the replacement oven igniter you need for your unit here:

                Similar to when the bake element is burned out and the broil element is the only part heating the unit; when the broil element is burned out, the bake element is the only part heating the unit. Anytime a bake or broil element is burned out, uneven heating issues are going to concur. Just as the bake element glows red when properly heating, so does the broil element. Turn on your oven and take a look to see if your bake element is glowing, if not then it is not doing its job and is time to replace. To find the replacement broil element for your unit, visit our website here:

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