Three Tips for Minimizing Home Appliance Repairs

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 11/10/2017 to Appliance Maintenance
Three Tips for Minimizing Home Appliance Repairs

Household appliances need to undergo regular maintenance to extend their life and keep them operating efficiently. Regular maintenance lowers energy consumption, ensures greater reliability and fewer appliance repairs! Follow these three tips for minimizing appliance repairs and reap all of the benefits!

Change the Filters

  • Change the filter for the water dispenser in your refrigerator every six months to help ensure the best tasting water for your household.

  • Many homeowners forget about the filter in the hood of their range, but over time that filter can become clogged with grease and food particles. This creates unhygienic and gross conditions in your cooking area that food shouldn’t be around. It may even become a fire hazard in some cases. Replacing these filters is important to make sure you have a healthy and safe environment in your kitchen.

  • Water and air purifier filters are essential to properly function theses appliances, that’s why replacing these filters on a regular basis can help produce health benefits from these appliances. 

Clean and Neat

  • Refrigerator Coils: accumulation of dust on refrigerator coils can reduce the efficiency of the cooling power and can result in a higher electrical bill and the spoiling of foods. Easy fix! Vacuum the refrigerator coils at least once a year to reduce any chance of the compressor failing, which would require a trained technician to repair.

  • Keep your refrigerators and dryer clean of lint and dust to increase the efficiency of these appliances.

  • Inspect and clean door seals on your freezer and refrigerator to make sure the doors are securely closed and that cold air stays inside to keep food fresh longer.

  • Clean oven seals to ensure proper control of temperature during cooking to reduce the amount of heat that escapes into your living areas.

  • LINT SCREENS! Everyone seems to forget this one but cleaning the lint screens in your dryer, most importantly it reduces the risk of a fire. On the other hand, it helps your clothes dry faster and saves energy!

  • Check the exhaust duct conduit to make sure there is a clear path for hot air to escape, this will lower your cooling bill and extend the life on your dryer. If there is not an exhaust pathway clear of lint and debris, the thermal fuse could be tripped which you would need a repair technician to fix. 

Follow Recommended Maintenance Guidelines

When getting a new appliance, make sure to keep the instruction manual or user guide and follow the recommendations on how the appliance should be maintained and serviced. If you don’t have the original manual no worries, most manufacturers make their product support information free and available to download online in PDF format. For those homeowners who like to do repairs by themselves, standard maintenance can be done with the proper tools for the task. Depending on the appliance and manufacturer there may be specific service requirements that have to be done by a repair technician.


You can ensure your home appliances last longer, perform most efficiently, and save energy! Doing these little things adds up and can help you manage your budget more efficiently. Thanks for Reading! We hope these tips will help you maintain your appliances!


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