Top Ways To Help Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer

Posted by Nina Harlach on 3/27/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
Top Ways To Help Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer

Replacing household appliances can get very pricey, so why not try your best to keep up with maintenance and such to make sure your machine lives a long and healthy life? Keep reading to learn some pro-tips on how to make your major household appliances last longer, and how to improve their overall efficiency.


- Don’t overload your washing machine. Washing too large of a load at once can overwork your washer.

- Read the manual that came with your washer. Washing clothes may seem easy, but there are typically instructions from the manufacturer on how to properly use the machine to improve its lifespan.

- Use washing machine wipes and washer cleaner regularly. Doing this will help to keep your clothes smelling fresh, reduce the possibilities of mold growth in the machine, and much more!

- Make sure your machine is on a level surface to reduce shaking and vibration. If your machine is not on level ground, try using some washer leveling legs.

- Try DIY part replacement! If your washer’s performance seems to be lacking, or if your machine just stopped working altogether, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new one. Some things are easy to fix for do-it-yourselfers! Shop Washing Machine Parts.


- Clean the lint trap/filter after each use. This will help prevent potential dryer fires and keep the air flowing throw the machine as it should.

- Clean the exhaust duct one to two times per year to remove lint buildup.

- Try DIY part replacement! If your dryer doesn’t seem to be working as well as it once did, or at all, you may not need to buy a whole new appliance. Some things are easy to fix yourself! Shop Dryer Parts.


- Try not to over pack your refrigerator. If your refrigerator is too full, the air and cooling parts have a tougher time circulating through the whole unit and end up having to work harder to keep your food and other products cold.

- Wipe down the door gaskets in the refrigerator and freezer every so often. Use a mild (preferably natural) detergent. Avoid using bleach for this.

- Clean the compressor coils regularly. Dust, dirt, and other items tend to build up here, so locating them on your unit and vacuuming or wiping this area clean will help improve the overall efficiency of the refrigerator.

- Replace broken and worn parts yourself. Just because a drawer cracked or the door gasket seems to not be holding the door closed like it should, doesn’t mean you need a new refrigerator. These parts and many more can be easily replaced by the everyday do-it-yourselfer. Shop Refrigerator Parts.


- If you have an electric range with a smooth cooktop, try your best to keep this clear of food buildup. Cooktop cleaning wipes and cooktop cleaning kits work very well for this.

- If you have a gas range, make sure to keep the burners clear so that there is always an even flame. You can use a pin to carefully clear out the small crevices.

- Keep the inside of the oven clean as well by either using the self-cleaning feature or cleaning the inside manually with a manufacturer approved oven cleaner.

- Try DIY part replacement! Doing it yourself can actually be fairly simple a lot of the time, and will save you a decent amount of cash. Shop Range/Oven Parts.


- Try to avoid putting anything too tall in the dishwasher. Tall/larger items could catch the spray arm, potentially damaging both the spray arm and your dishes.

- Wipe down the door gasket regularly to avoid buildup.

- Use dishwasher cleaner regularly.

- Try DIY part replacement! Just because one small part on your dishwasher broke, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a brand new one. A lot of dishwasher repairs are fairly simple to do yourself! Shop Dishwasher Parts.

Interested in trying to fix your appliance on your own, but not sure where to start?

Check out our Appliance Repair Help page.


Thanks for reading! We hope these tips will help keep your major household appliances in tip-top shape without breaking the bank!

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