Unique Ways to Reuse Appliance Parts

Posted by Haley Waple on 3/29/2018 to DIY
Unique Ways to Reuse Appliance Parts

Not sure what to do with your old appliance parts when you replace them, well have no fear there is something you can actually do with them! Here are some environmentally friendly ways to reuse your appliance parts.

1.       Turn your old washer drum into a fire pit! The holes located in the drum allow air to get in and let your fire breathe. You can even use an old oven rack to cook items on top of your makeshift fire pit.

2.       You can convert your old refrigerator or freezer into a tool shed or storage closet.

3.       Why not make a craft out of your appliance parts like this person did.

4.      Turn your old blender into a lamp.


Re-purpose your old refrigerator into an ice chest.

Don’t let your appliance parts go to waste. Get creative and find a new use for your old parts and appliances. Who new replacing appliances and parts could be so enjoyable?

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What do you do with your old appliance parts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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