WB19X10005 - Range Electronic Clock ERC

Part Number:WB19X10005
WB19X10005 - Range Electronic Clock ERC
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WB19X10005 GE Range Electronic Control Clock ERC

This range clock WB19X10005 is used on ranges manufactured by GE, Kenmore. GE has manufactured ranges under the following brand names, GE, Hotpoint, General Electric. Same as, 4337136, 4337468, WB11K5003, WB11K5004, WB11K5008, WB11K5011, WB11K5013, WB11K5014, WB11K5015, WB11K5017, WB11M1, WB11X5003, WB19X147, WB19X5241, WB19X5277, WB27K5099, WB27K5100, WB27K5113, 334169, WB11M0001, WB11M0001, WB19X0147, AP2633677, 247105, PS233995, PT7901031

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