WB21X5243 Electric Range Switch Kit- AP2023620, PS235991

Part Number:WB21X5243
WB21X5243 Electric Range Switch Kit- AP2023620, PS235991
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WB21X5243 Electric Range Infinite Switch Kit - AP2023620, PS235991

The Range Infinite Switch kit is responsible for controlling the stove top surface burner

This part replaces AP2023620, PS235991, 2603, 301441, 301442, 301666, 301667, 301816, 301817, 301818, 301819, 301820, 304149, AH235991, EA235991, PS235991, WB02X5212, WB21X0181, WB21X0183, WB21X0185, WB21X0186, WB21X0189, WB21X0190, WB21X0209, WB21X0210, WB21X0211, WB21X0222, WB21X0226, WB21X0227, WB21X0228, WB21X0229, WB21X0230, WB21X0233, WB21X0237, WB21X0238, WB21X0239, WB21X0240, WB21X0241, WB21X0242, WB21X0244, WB21X0245, WB23M0014, WB23M0015, WB23X0084, WB23X0085, WB23X0086, WB23X0087, WB23X0088, WB23X0089, WB23X0093, WB23X0094, WB30M0005

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