WB21X5243 Electric Range Switch Kit

Part Number:WB21X5243
WB21X5243 Electric Range Switch Kit
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WB21X5243 Electric Range Infinite Switch Kit - AP2023620, PS235991

This is a universal surface switch kit and that can be used on any brand electric range

Includes hardware for numerous mounting and knob configurations. 

Replaces: AP2023620, PS235991, 2603, 301441, 301442, 301666, 301667, 301816, 301817, 301818, 301819, 301820, 304149, AH235991, EA235991, PS235991, WB02X5212, WB21X0181, WB21X0183, WB21X0185, WB21X0186, WB21X0189, WB21X0190, WB21X0209, WB21X0210, WB21X0211, WB21X0222, WB21X0226, WB21X0227, WB21X0228, WB21X0229, WB21X0230, WB21X0233, WB21X0237, WB21X0238, WB21X0239, WB21X0240, WB21X0241, WB21X0242, WB21X0244, WB21X0245, WB23M0014, WB23M0015, WB23X0084, WB23X0085, WB23X0086, WB23X0087, WB23X0088, WB23X0089, WB23X0093, WB23X0094, WB30M0005

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