WB24X829 Microwave Secondary Door Switch

Part Number:WB24X829
WB24X829 Microwave Secondary Door Switch
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WB24X829 Microwave Secondary Door Switch - AP2024337, PS237421

Microwave oven secondary interlock door switch WB24X829, can be used on any brand microwave. 

It is a normally open switch held closed when the door is closed.

Replaces, 253819, AH237421, EA237421, PS237421, WB24X0329, WB24X0368, WB24X0384, WB24X0401, WB24X0414, WB24X0426, WB24X0429, WB24X0439, WB24X0441, WB24X0445, WB24X0796, WB24X0801, WB24X0829, WB24X10038, WB24X10076, WB24X329, WB24X368, WB24X384, WB24X401, WB24X414, WB24X426, WB24X429, WB24X439, WB24X441, WB24X445, WB24X5227, WB24X5228, WB24X796, WB24X801, etc. 

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