WB30X354 - Range 8-Inch Burner With Trim Ring

Part Number:WB30X354
WB30X354  - Range 8-Inch Burner With Trim Ring
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WB30X354  - Range 8-Inch Burner With Trim Ring 

8-Inch surface element WB30X354 is a tilt lock hinge type burner that is used on older GE and Hotpoint electric ranges and operates at 2450 Watts.. 

Replaces, 14200100, 2520, 404697, AH244048, CH30X354, EA244048, PS244048, SU116, SX15, WB30X0139, WB30X0140, WB30X0146, WB30X0147, WB30X0199, WB30X0200, WB30X0223, WB30X0302, WB30X0303, WB30X0306, WB30X0307, WB30X0316, WB30X0317, WB30X0353, WB30X0354, WB30X139, WB30X140, WB30X146, WB30X147, WB30X199, WB30X200, WB30X223, WB30X302, WB30X303, WB30X306, WB30X307, WB30X316, WB30X317, WB30X353, WB30X354R, WB30X5004, WB30X5005, WB30X5014, WB30X5015, WB30X5018, WB30X5019, YCH30X354, etc.

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