WB32X10013 Range Burner Drip Bowl 8-Inch

Part Number:WB32X10013
WB32X10013 Range Burner Drip Bowl 8-Inch
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WB32X10013 Burner Drip Bowl 8-Inch - AP2635055, PS244680

This chrome 8-inch burner drip pan WB32X10013, is found on Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint and some other brand ranges that used the older-style aluminum pans. 

The Drip pan catches spills from the cookware on the burner.

Dimensions (L)16.00 (W)12.00 (H)1.40. 

Replaces 19950018, AH244680, EA244680, PS244680, WB32X0004, WB32X0010, WB32X0013, WB32X0014, WB32X0019, WB32X0025, WB32X0033, WB32X0034, WB32X10, WB32X10013B, WB32X10013R, WB32X13, WB32X14, WB32X19, WB32X25, WB32X33, WB32X34, WB32X34A, WB32X34B, WB32X34R, WB32X4, WB32X501, WB32X5012, WB32X5013, WB32X5027. 

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