WB44X5043 - Range Bake Element

Part Number:WB44X5043
WB44X5043 - Range Bake Element
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WB44X5043 Bake Element - AP2031077, PS249449

Bake element WB44X5043, is used on GE, RCA, Hotpoint and some other brand free standing ranges and wall ovens. 

Bake element is at the bottom of the oven and supplies the heat to baking. Unplug the range or shut off the house circuit breaker for the range before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands. Bake Element is 13-1/2 wide and 15 from mounting plate to the other side. From the hinged mounting plate to the end of the terminals is 1-1/2 and there is 1-1/4 between terminals.

Replaces 3369, AH249449, EA249449, PS249449, TS44X5043, WB44X0002, WB44X0004, WB44X0006, WB44X0063, WB44X0065, WB44X0067, WB44X0068, WB44X0073, WB44X0093, WB44X0094, WB44X0142, WB44X0143, WB44X142, WB44X142R, WB44X143, WB44X2, WB44X4, WB44X5025, WB44X5028, WB44X5043R, WB44X5044, WB44X5049, WB44X5050, WB44X5078, WB44X5079, WB44X5080, WB44X5081, WB44X6, WB44X6043, WB44X63, WB44X65, WB44X67, WB44X68, WB44X73, WB44X93, WB44X94, WB45X0003, WB45X0043, WB45X0057, WB45X3, WB45X43, WB45X57.  

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