WD12X10327 Dishwasher Roller Kit

Part Number:WD12X10327
WD12X10327 Dishwasher Roller Kit
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WD12X10327 Dishwasher Upper Rack Roller Kit - AP4980629, PS3486910

Dishwasher upper rack roller kit WD12X10327, is a pack of 4 rollers with the mounting studs that clip directly onto the upper rack. 

This includes the upper rack roller (wheel) and axle. 

The axle clips on the the lower rack to hold the wheel in place. Four in a pack.

Replaces 1811003, AH3486910, EA3486910, PS3486910, WD12X0330, WD12X0356, WD12X0357, WD12X0383, WD12X0385, WD12X183, WD12X330, WD12X356, WD12X357, WD12X383, WD12X385. 

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