WH1X2036 Universal Hose Clamp Kit - AP2044593, PS270806

Part Number:WH1X2036
WH1X2036 Universal Hose Clamp Kit - AP2044593, PS270806
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WH1X2036 Universal Hose Clamp Kit - AP2044593, PS270806

This is a universal hose clamp kit, which includes two clamps- one is 1 inch (in diameter) and the other is 2 inches (in diameter). It can prevent or fix leaking in a variety of appliances, including washers, dishwashers, and air conditioners.

This part replaces 277528, AH270806, EA270806, PS270806, WD01X0157, WD01X0414, WD01X0488, WD01X0593, WD01X0606, WD01X0891, WD01X0964, WD01X1052, WD01X1303, WD02X0222, WD03X0326, WD03X0343, WH01M0240, WH01M0242, WH01M0390, WH01M0567, WH01M0568, WH01X0044, WH01X0064, WH01X0159, WH01X0381, WH01X0481, WH01X0762, WH01X1021, WH01X1206, WH01X1226, WH01X1281, WH01X1316, WH01X1373, WH01X1525, WH01X1532, WH01X1583, WH01X2020, WH01X2036, WH01X2465, WH01X2481, WH01X5313, WH01X5478, WL01X0006, WL01X0010, WL01X0021, WL01X0051, WL01X0071, WL01X0128, WL01X0143, WL01X0193, WR02X3145, WR02X3177, WR02X3533, WR02X3669, B001DHNKVU. 

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