WH1X2721 Washer Selector Knob AP2044893 PS271094

Part Number:WH1X2721
WH1X2721 Washer Selector Knob AP2044893 PS271094
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WH1X2721 Washer Selector Switch Knob 

Selector switch knob WH1X2721, is found on GE made washers and washer/dryer combos including GE, Hotpoint, as well as some other brands. 

This Washing Machine or Dryer selector knob and clip assembly, approximately 2 in. diameter. The knob is white with a red indicator line.

Replaces 123C7931, 2314, AH271094, EA271094, PS271094, WE01X10033, WE01X10038, WE01X10156, WE01X1207, WE01X1208, WE01X1228, WE01X2721, WE1X10033, WE1X10038, WE1X10156, WE1X1207, WE1X1208, WE1X1228, WE1X2721, WH01X1208, WH01X2721, WH1X1208, AP2044893

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