WH23X42 Washer Pump Assembly - Discontinued

Part Number:WH23X42
WH23X42 Washer Pump Assembly - Discontinued
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WH23X42 Pump Assembly - AP2046344, PS271344 - Discontinued

This 4-port, clear plastic pump WH23X42, with an aluminum drive hub for coupling to the washer motor is used on GE, Hotpoint, and RCA Top Loading Washers. 

This General Electric water pump assembly is white in color and has four different ports for water to pass through. 

Replaces, 3223, 581D961, 8100-342, AH271344, EA271344, J85-661, PS271344, WH01X1694, WH01X1885, WH01X1886, WH01X1909, WH08X0268, WH10X0034, WH10X0036, WH10X0038, WH10X34, WH10X36, WH10X38, WH16X0335, WH16X0336, WH16X0358, WH16X335, WH16X336, WH16X358, WH1X1694, WH1X1885, WH1X1886, WH1X1909, WH23X0033, WH23X0036, WH23X0042, WH23X0043, WH23X0045, WH23X0046, WH23X0048, WH23X0049, WH23X0052, WH23X33, WH23X36, WH23X42R, WH23X43, WH23X45, WH23X46, WH23X48, WH23X49, WH23X52, WH8X268, etc. 

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