WR09X10050 Refrigerator Damper Control

Part Number:WR09X10050
WR09X10050 Refrigerator Damper Control
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WR09X10050 Refrigerator Damper Control - 879153, AP3186598, PS288221

Refrigerator damper control WR09X10050, is used on GE made refrigerators including GE, Hotpoint, and some other brand refrigerators. 

This assembly installs at the top of the fresh-food compartment to control the flow of cold air into the compartment. The damper is a vent that opens and closes to permit or restrict airflow. 

The damper and gasket assembly is also galled a gas damper. Dimensions: 11.2 x 3.9 x 3.3 inches. 

Replaces, WR60X10073, WR60X10159, WR9X10050, WR9X10065, WR60X10078, WR60X10079, AP3186598, PT9559794, PT10262046, PS288221, 879153, etc. 

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