WR50X55 - Refrigerator Defrost Terminator

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WR50X55 - Refrigerator Defrost Terminator
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WR50X55 Refrigerator Defrost Terminator

Defrost terminator WR50X55, sometimes called the defrost thermostat, is used on GE, Hotpoint and some Sears Kenmore refrigerators. This defrost thermostat includes extra mounting straps and electrical connectors so that it can be used on any brand refrigerator. 

The operating temperatures are as follows it opens the circuit to the heater at 55 degrees and closes the circuit to the defrost heater at 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the included mounting straps this defrost terminator can be mounted to the evaporator or the freezer wall near the evaporator. 

Same as, AP2639498, 3485, PS303545

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