Ways To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Posted by Bridget Taggart on 7/14/2022 to Appliance Maintenance

The garbage disposal is a great tool in one’s kitchen sink. It cleans out the pesky food scraps you don’t want lying in your sink. But sometimes those food particles stuck in there can start to stink up your sink! So, here’s some ways and tips to clean your garbage disposal without damaging it. 


The Problem

Over time the garbage disposal develops a slimy stinky sludge in it. This happens because as you continue disposing of your food waste part of it doesn’t always get scrubbed by the disposal’s grinding action, it stays there and rots, causing the stinky stench. Cleaning your garbage disposal a few times each month will cause this smell to go away.

Removing the Sludge

To clean out the sludge, take a few cups of ice (2 or 3) and dump it into your disposal. Run the cold water in your sink simultaneously. Then, run the disposal (and the sink) for a few minutes or until all the ice is gone. For more friction, (to remove more sludge if the ice isn’t enough) use some rock salt (about 1 cup) as an addition to the ice as it works very well with ice and will remove extra sludge for your disposal. 

To remove it manually, you can use a long toothbrush or scrubber to scrub out the sludge. Make sure to disconnect the unit from the power source first. Additionally, if there is something large stuck in the disposal, disconnect the unit form its power source, then use a pair of tongs or pliers to remove it. MAKE SURE NOT TO PUT YOUR HAND NEAR THE BLADES! Even when the disposal is disconnected from power, it’s still not a good idea. 

Removing the Stench

To make the smell go away, there are a few methods. The easiest method to deodorize your garbage disposal is with citrus fruits. You can use just the peels or the whole fruit. Using lemons, oranges, limes, etc. will help to make your sink smell fresh. As a bonus, the rough peels can help clean any extra mess on the disposal walls. Just run the fruit in the garbage disposal until its gone. 

For a stronger deodorizer, fill the drain with baking soda. Then take about a half cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain. Let it sit for about an hour. Then run the water for a full minute until the odor is gone. This method shouldn’t be used too often as the vinegar can wear at the components of the unit. 


Overall, it’s pretty simple to clean your disposal in little time without much hassle. Some quick reminders; 

  • Only dispose of biodegradable items in your garbage disposal: No Glass Or Metal!!

  • It is recommended to run the water as the disposal is running. Run the water 5 seconds longer than you think is necessary to completely break everything down.

  • As with every appliance a little bit of maintenance every now and then will keep it in tip top shape!

Thanks for reading!

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