Ways to Keep your Home Warm This Winter...and at a Low Cost!

Posted by Shelby on 2/5/2019 to Help
Ways to Keep your Home Warm This Winter...and at a Low Cost!
Statistically speaking, February happens to be the coldest month of the year. When the weather gets so cold, as it has been across the United States the past few days, the measures and costs we have to take to keep our house warm can really add up.

Here are some ways to keep he house warm and keep your wallet full this Month!

#1 - Close the doors and vents in unused rooms.

#2- Use duct tape and an old blanket to cover your windows. It might not look great but it is a quick fix in a pinch.

#3- If you are using the oven, leave the stove open slightly to let some of the heat out and heat up a bit of the house

#4 - If you have baseboard heating, make sure the area around the radiators are clear so they have space to radiate.

#5 - Try changing the layout of your room for winter. Not only will this allow the radiator to work to its full potential but it will also give your room a fresh feeling and a new look.

#6- Keep the curtain open during the day . Letting the light and sunshine in will not only warm up the home a bit but also remind you spring is right around the corner

Bonus - If you are lucky enough to have a pet like a cat or dog, let them sit by you or even on you. They'll keep you nice and warm because they are like moving heaters!


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