What Do Those Laundry Symbols Actually Mean?

Posted by Shelby Cohan on 11/12/2018 to Dryer
What Do Those Laundry Symbols Actually Mean?

Everyone’s been there; you go to wash an item of clothing but when you look at the laundry tag you have no idea what those symbols mean.  Appliance Parts Experts is here to help you out. Below is a quick guide to deciphering those symbols and gets your laundry done in a flash!

** Before you do the laundry make sure the washer and dryer are properly clean **

-Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner and Wipes-

-Clean the Dryer Lint Trap-

Dry Clean Only


a. Normal Cycle   b. Permanent Press Cycle  c. Delicate/Gentle Cycle  d. Hand Wash Only  e. Do Not Wash

a. cool/cold     b. Warm     C.Hot

A. Any Heat   B. Low Heat   C. Medium Heat   D. High Heat

a. Hang to Dry B. Drip Dry C. Dry Flat d. Dry in the Shade e. Do Not Dry

Now all those loads of laundry can be a breeze thanks to this guide! 

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