Get Your Family & Your House Ready For Back To School

Posted by Rachael Marciniak on 8/29/2017 to DIY
Get Your Family & Your House Ready For Back To School

Our favorite time of the year – buses honking, papers rustling, and silence. The kids are going back to school and we hope you are as excited as us! If the summer just escaped you, let us help you turn everything around with a few helpful tips to get the school season off right!

  • Have you washed your washer lately? I know weird concept, but with all the towels you may have thrown in there, the sand/dirt that may have been left at the bottom and the buildup of “WHAT’S THAT SMELL – DID SOMETHING DIE IN HERE?!” kind of vibe, we think your washer could use a quick wash before you kick yourself into super-parent! This one is super easy – a solution you throw in and let the washer do the magic. You will thank us later on this one.

  • Meal planning in your future? Make sure your dishwasher works and is clean as well. It can’t hurt to throw a bottle of Dishwasher Magic in there just to make sure. It will be the thing you depend on through the end of time, or at least until winter break, then maybe throw in a pizza night – you deserve it. Get that fishy smell out!

  • While you are going crazy searching for recipes online for the next easy crockpot meal, why don’t you make sure you have some room in that refrigerator. You have been spending a lot of time outside – when WAS the last time you looked all the way in the back of the refrigerator? There’s no judgment here, we all do it. Just get it out. A good old refrigerator clean out is definitely in order the weekend before the kids start back up. (Need room for lunches for everyone!)

  • Focusing on the refrigerator… putting a bulletin board or dry erase board on it could also help you stay on task with meals, your kids with homework, and keeping up with after school activities.

  • Make a space for them to put their school things that won’t drive you nuts and also so you can hold them accountable for their homework. Instill a routine early!

These are just some helpful reminders to get yourself and your house ready for what’s to come. Take a deep breath though – you’ve got this. No matter the smell or the obstacle, you can conquer it all, even homework! Good luck this year.

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