Keep those Couches Clean

Posted by Katie Richardson on 2/20/2019 to DIY

February seems to be the month of cuddling up on the couch with a movie, or settling into your favorite chair with a good book. The sofas and other plushy furniture in your house get used a great deal, meaning they need to be cleaned regularly as well. But how do you know the best way to clean them? Keep reading for some tips on cleaning your furniture!

The Sink Has a Bad Smell?

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 2/18/2019 to Appliance Maintenance

When walking through the kitchen, has there ever been a smell that you aren’t sure where it’s coming from? The garbage has been taken out and the refrigerator has been cleared out. So what it could the source of the smell be coming from? It’s probably the sink. Sinks can have a certain build up which can create an unpleasant aroma. Don’t worry, there are certain remedies to try which can get rid of that smell.

Air Vent Cleaning

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 2/13/2019 to DIY

It’s cleaning day so the chores begin. Cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming rugs, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, etc. However, have you ever stopped to think of the certain areas that should be clean, but have been neglected to do so? Here’s a question, have you ever cleaned or thought about cleaning the air vents within your house? Read below for reasons on why to clean the air vents within the home.

Removing Salt Residue in your Home

Posted by Katie Richardson on 2/11/2019 to DIY

If you experience a lot of snowfall during the winter in your area, you know the struggle of dealing with rock salt in your house. Even though it is helpful on roads and sidewalks, it can cause unsightly stains and residue on the floors in your home. If this issue sounds all too familiar, continue reading to learn the best ways to get a handle on the salt mess!

Maintain your Oven

Posted by Katie Richardson on 2/7/2019 to Appliance Maintenance

As the cold weather continues to press on, so does the time where people generally do a lot of cooking and baking. This extra use can result in delicious treats to make the bleak weather seem a bit sweeter, but can also result in extra strain being put on your oven. Because of this, it is essential to properly maintain your oven during these months! Here are some important things to pay attention to, to ensure that your oven is efficient and running properly.

Ways to Keep your Home Warm This Winter...and at a Low Cost!

Posted by Shelby on 2/5/2019 to Help
Ways to Keep your Home Warm This Winter...and at a Low Cost!
Statistically speaking, February happens to be the coldest month of the year. When the weather gets so cold, as it has been across the United States the past few days, the measures and costs we have to take to keep our house warm can really add up. 

How to Hand Wash Dishes

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 2/4/2019 to DIY

When moving out on your own, certain tasks may seem new or stressful if never done before. One thing that is simple and not as stressful as people believe is hand washing dishes. If never done before, some may not know where to start. Below is a simple instructional on how to hand wash dishes.

Improve Your Air Quality This Winter

Posted by Katie Richardson on 1/31/2019 to DIY

With the frightful weather outside, most people are spending as much time indoors as possible. This means that buildings are as airtight as possible, and people are breathing more recirculated air. This increased concentration of contaminants in the air makes the air quality in your home much worse. But don’t worry; there are easy things you can do to get your air quality back up!

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