How To Prevent Your Refrigerator From Freezing Your Food

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 3/30/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

If your refrigerator is freezing items not inside your freezer section, there are a few things you should check before buying parts or calling a repairman. 

How To Load Your Dishwasher For Best Results

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 3/17/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

If you’ve ever opened up your dishwasher after a wash cycle to find dishes with food still stuck to them, you should take a look at the way you loaded them. When a dishwasher is overcrowded and items aren’t placed properly, dirty dishes are inevitable. To prevent you from finding yourself in this inconvenient situation, we’ve made a list of helpful tips for loading:

How To Utilize Your Crisper Drawers

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 3/11/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

When it comes to storing fresh foods inside your crisper drawers, it’s important you pay attention to the humidity levels. Certain fruits and vegetables contain different gases and spoil when exposed to different temperatures and humidity levels; therefore they should be stored accordingly. 

How To Properly Load Your Washer

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 3/3/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

Loading your laundry the wrong way could potentially damage both your clothing and your washer. In efforts to prevent your clothes from being dyed colors you didn’t ask for and your washer from needing all kinds of new parts, take care of them both and you won’t have to worry!

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