How to Find Your Dryer Model Number

Most Dryer Model Numbers are Located:

  • Around the door opening
  • On the door
  • On the front where the door closes

Some Manufacturers Place Them:

  • On the side panel near the bottom front
  • On the lower portion of the front

Less Often Manufacturers Put Dryer Model Numbers:

  • On the back of the control panel

Always use the model number located on your dryer when searching for parts or requesting service because the care and use guide (owners manual) that came with your dryer is often generic for several models and may not indicate changes made to your specific dryers production run.

Find Parts to Repair Your Dryer

We covered the majority of places where manufacturers will place a dryers model number. If you find that you need a replacement part for the model of your dryer, feel free to browse our website or visit the dryer parts page.

If you have a hard time finding the part you need for your dryer, just give us a call at 866-236-3848 and one of our Part Experts would be happy to help you find the exact OEM replacement part you are looking for to fix your dryer.
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