How to Repair a Washer that Won't Drain

If your washer isn't draining, there are a number of parts to look for on your washer that could be the cause of the draining situation. There could be a problem with the lid switch, drive belt, drive motor and others, but no worries, you can easily figure out which part you may need to replace from the descriptions below.

*NOTICE: Before you begin, verify that the washer is unplugged from the electrical power

Check for Broken or Damaged Lid Switch

1. The lid switch is located inside your washer near the door frame.
2. The Lid switch detects if the washer lid is open or closed and prevents the washer from spinning and agitating when the lid is open.
3. If the lid switch is broken (mechanically or electrically), the spin cycle will not run, leaving water in the tub and clothes soaking. Test the switch for continuity and replace if necessary.

If you found that you need a new lid switch for your washer: Shop Washer Lid Switches Here

Check for Broken or Damaged Drive Belt

1. The drive belt is a long band that connects the drive motor pulley to the transmission drive pulley.
2. The motor moves the belt and the belt turns the transmission pulley for the agitation and spin cycles.
3. The belt may become loose on pulleys, which makes it hard for the tub to spin. If you can see that the belt is worn, replace it.

If you found that you need a drive belt for your washer: Shop Washer Belts Here

Check for Broken or Damaged Drive Motor

1. The washer drive motor spins the spin basket when the washer is in tumbling mode or spin mode
2. If the motor is not running, the pump will not work. Most washing machines use a reversible motor and it is possible for the machine to agitate and not spin or drain.

If you found that you need a drive motor for your washer: Shop Washer Motors Here

Check for Broken or Damaged Drain Pump or Hoses

1. The drain pump is a plastic part connected to two hoses located at bottom of the washer.
2. If water is not draining from the tub, the drain pump may need to be replaced.
3. Check to make sure the drain hoses are not kinked. Small clothing can get stuck in the drain hose or attached to the drain pump. If this is the case, you will need to remove the hoses from the pump to clear it out.
4. The internal impeller in the drain pump can also break, and can be replaced.

If you found that you need a drain pump or hose for your washer: Shop Washer Pumps and Hoses Here

More Washer Repair Parts:

We covered some of the most common issues above that cause washers not to drain. If you find that you need a replacement part that is not listed above, feel free to browse our website or visit the washer parts page.

If you have a hard time finding the part you need for your washer, just give us a call at 866-236-3848 and one of our Part Experts would be happy to help you find the exact OEM replacement part you are looking for to fix your washer.

Locating the Model Number on your Washer:

When calling to find an exact replacement part for your washer, you will need the Model Number ready to go. The model number on a washer can typically be found in one of four places: under the lid, on the back of the control panel, the bottom left corner (exterior), or the back of the washer near the water inlet valves (exterior).
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