WR55X35725 Refrigerator Control Board - AP6888122, PS12723457

Part Number:WR55X35725
WR55X35725 Refrigerator Control Board - AP6888122, PS12723457
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WR55X35725 Refrigerator Control Board - AP6888122, PS12723457

This refrigerator control board manages the functions of the refrigerator such as cooling and defrost times.

Refrigerator Control Board  replaces AP6888122, PS12723457,  WR55X28074, WR55X27068, WR55X30805, WR55X26529, WR55X11210, WR55X23999, WR55X24644, WR55X25146, WR55X11169, WR55X11174, WR55X11175, WR55X11176, WR55X11185, WR55X11204, WR55X11208, WR55X11212, WR55X20007, WR55X20652, WR55X20881, WR55X21963, WR55X22126, WR55X22143, WR55X22903, WR55X23044, WR55X23069, WR55X23726, WR55X24043, WR55X24081, WR55X24503, WR55X24777, WR55X25195, WR55X25622, WR55X27488, WR55X27516, WR55X28075, WR55X28076, WR55X28077, WR55X28400, WR55X30366, WR55X30368, WR55X30806, WR55X30917, WR55X31330, WR55X31699, WR55X31701, 4929321, PD00051141, EAP12723457. 

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