Cleaning in Under an Hour!

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 8/28/2018 to DIY

Cleaning the dreaded house. Putting those chores off seemed like a good idea at first, but now the house is a disaster. Who knows how long it will take to clean the house. Well, follow these few tips and the house can be cleaned in an hour; however, there can’t be any distractions. It has to be a complete focused task.

1. Start up top

When beginning the cleaning cycle, don’t sweep and then dust off tables. Make sure sweeping is the last thing done. The first items to clean are cobwebbed corners, lamp shades, end tables, furniture, coffee tables, fan blades. These are items that will have dust, crumbs and dirt that can be swept up in the future. Clean them first and then you’ll be able to sweep.

2. Bathrooms

Next when cleaning the bathroom(s), start with clearing the counter, then spray a cleaner on counters, mirrors, and tubs. Have that sit while cleaning the toilet and wiping down the outside area. Afterward, wipe down the counters and sink, rinse the tubs and finish wiping down the mirrors. Wait to clean the floors until the kitchen. If there are multiple bathrooms, do the steps at the same time so it is one fluid motion.

3. Living Room/ Dining Area

First thing is to clear all the clutter. If there are dishes, laundry, blankets etc. splattered throughout the room, clean and clear those first. Then start in one corner of the room and begin to wipe down surfaces with a cleaner, damp rag or other cleaning supply. If there are fans or blinds, wipe them down first. Lastly, vacuum the floors of the room as well as any other room that was cleaned.

4. Kitchen

With the kitchen, start by loading the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. With the leftover dishes, fill the sink with warm, soapy water and put the dishes in there. Again, clean the counters of any food, boxes, crumbs etc. Dunk a sponge in the water and begin to wipe down the stove, table tops, cabinets, blinds and other areas. Once all of those chores are done, wipe down the appliances. Furthermore, clean the floor.

5. Floors

After all surfaces have been wiped down, it’s time to start the floors. When vacuuming carpeted rooms, work backwards so move along in a swift pattern. Instead of sweeping, use the attachments on the vacuum, if there are any, to get tight corners and under low furniture. If there is no need to vacuum, get a swiffer to pick up dust and dirt on hardwood floors.

Thanks for reading!

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