Fall Driving Safety

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 9/24/2018 to Help

Since fall has arrived, it’s time to think about safety when driving. Fall may seem like any other driving season, but there are things to be aware of now. Read below for how to be safe this fall season.

Now that school is in session, kids are going to want to be outside. So be aware of children when driving. Early in the school year, many kids have not created the habit at looking at moving vehicles, especially when crossing the road from a school bus or bus stop. Now it is illegal to pass a school bus that has stopped in most places; however, children and young adults beginning to drive can be unaware of what is happening when it comes to school buses. So make sure children, students and young teen drivers are aware these next few months.

In the beginning of fall, darkness falls sooner. People of older age, especially at night, have trouble reading road signs and measuring speed and distance of cars around them. So with the darkness coming sooner, be more aware when driving at night with other cars on the road. Mainly if you know you have trouble driving at night.

When the cooler seasons come, critters are out and about. At the time of November, people will see and hit more deer than any other month. It’s mating season for them so when there is a sign that has deer crossing for the next few miles, be extra precautions.

Examine dampness as a warning. Dampness can cause cars to hydroplane. You can lose the front tires and steering which can cause for an accident. When it begins to rain oil, grime, dust and even fallen leaves can create a slippery surface. So slowing the speed can be beneficial as well as driving on the same tire tracks of people that are in front of you. This would be the driest surface on the road.

Beware of the sunlight is important. Sunlight in the fall and winter season is more blinding because its sits directly on the horizon, shining into the drivers eye. So keep the windshield clean of dirt and streaks as well as have sunglasses handy for a safer drive.

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