Preventing Bed Bugs

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 3/4/2019 to DIY

Sometimes at the end of the day, all people want to do is go to bed. However, there can be times when there are unwanted guests within the bed. They are commonly known as bed bugs. These insects may be small, but they can become a big problem. For tips on how to get rid of bed bugs, continue reading below.

The first thing you want to is make sure the insects you’re coming across is in fact bed bugs. Ticks, fleas and bed bugs have similar looks in appearance so just compare with a picture.

If you do in fact have bed bugs, the next step is to not panic. They can be taken care of, but it is difficult. There is no need to throw anything away. They only need to be disinfected. Also, if you do throw them out, it is easier for them to spread.

When looking for a disinfectant, look at some other options that may not have pesticides or a minimal amount. Whatever you choose, however, make sure to follow the directions.

To keep bed bugs from hiding off some place, maybe it’s time to think about the clutter that may be growing within the house. When there is more clutter, the greater the chance it is to become a hideout for bed bugs thus making it more difficult to treat the problem .

When it comes to the mattress, if there are bed bugs within them, have a cover covering your mattress. There are a specific mattress covers which prevent them from reaching you at night.

Furthermore, if there is a chance you have bed bugs or to prevent them, wash and heat dry the sheets and blankets often. Even clothing that may touch the floor should be washed.

If there was a time when you had bed bugs and you’re getting rid of a mattress or furniture, to not pass the bed bugs on, make sure to either slash it or destroy it in some way. There could still be left overs from the bed bugs.

To further prevent them, make sure to clean at least once a week if available too. Vacuuming rugs, floors, underbeds, etc. can help prevent bed bugs. Make sure to empty the bag or container after each use to there isn’t a chance to escape.

Bed bugs can be a hassle, but they are not impossible to get rid of. It take time to get rid of so if you don’t have the time, turn to a trained professional to make the bed bug problem go away.

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