Clean Your Grill While You're Cooking

Posted by Maddie Taggart on 7/20/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
Grilling is a staple for the summer. From barbecues to pool parties, grilled food is a prime for summertime celebrations. However, sometimes cleaning the grill isn't so easy/ So, here's some way to clean your grill while cooking!

Oil it Up
Rub the grate of your grill with vegetable or olive oil to prevent food from sticking. This also can prevent the metal from rusting and the oil can help produce those signature grill marks. To add even more flavor, you could also rub the grill grate with steak fat or bacon.

Cook on Lemons
When cooking fish, they usually stick to the grill grate and leave a nasty residue that is a pain to clean. Instead of putting the fish directly onto the grill, cook it on a bed of sliced lemon or other citrus. So, next time you grill salmon, don't forget your lemons. 

Grill it in a Skillet
By grilling your food in a skillet, you can help reduce how many remnants of food are left on the grill when you're done. This is an easier way to cook vegetables and other smaller items that would be liable to fall through the grill grate. And, it will distribute the flavor easily. Win, win!

Smoke Your Lemons
Yet another lemon trick, smoking lemons will not only make the lemons have a great smoky flavor, but the acids in the lemon will also help clean the grill.

Clean and Flavor at the Same Time
Next time you clean your grill, use an onion. It has plenty of moisture and acids that can aid in breaking down any grime or residue on the grill grate, and will add flavor next time you cook something.

We hope these grill tips add some flavor to the rest of your summer. Now, go season your food while you cleanse your grill.

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