Cleaning the Bedroom can Ease the Mind: Part Two- The Deep Clean

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 7/11/2018 to DIY

There is basic cleaning when it comes to the bedroom, but there are a lot of areas which people seem to ignore or forget. It’s understandable though. Who has time to deep clean the bedroom when nowadays it seems to be the place that time is less spent? However, these certain areas can make the room look better and can clear up the mind by not having to think about the clutter that slowly gathers in these areas. Read below to see what the places are and on how to clean them.

The Closet

A lot of closets have shelves that items who don’t have a place end up. It is necessary to clean though. Clear off all of the items that rest there and give it a thorough dusting. Afterward, instead of throwing everything back onto it, go through it as you put it back in place. There may be items that can be thrown away or given away. Also, when putting the items back, place them back in an organized way, this way the it makes the closet look clean and organized. For the floor of the closet, if there are shoes scrambled and jackets or clothes that have fallen, pick them up and put them where they are supposed to be. Furthermore, organize the shoes with their matches so they are easy to find as well as making the floor look clean.

Under the bed

Looking under the bed can be one of the most scariest things to look at. Dust, clothes, dirt, water bottles and much more can accumulate over time. Every few months, take a look and sweep  under there to prevent bugs and allergens from forming there. It doesn’t take long, but it’s worth it.

Glass and Picture frames

Both of these items can get pretty dusty especially if they are not cleaned often. By dusting them off, it keeps the room looking clean as well as fresh. If the glass or mirrors are not cleaned off regularly then the dust can actually get stuck which make it even harder to clean and scrub off.

Lamp Shades

For some reason it seems that lamp shades are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. They can collect a lot of dust and germs from everyone turning them on and off. So dust the lamp shade and with a disinfecting wipe, go over the knob or handle that turns them on and off. This will create a clean and disinfecting lamp.

By following this cleaning list, it makes cleaning the easier and over time it will look cleaner as well. Give it a shot, it will be done before you know it.

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