Food Processor vs. Blender

Posted by Maddie Taggart on 7/30/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
Food processors, blenders, and even immersion are similar in many ways. Both have sharp blades that spin fast to break food down. But, they should actually be used for different things. Blenders can handle liquids and most of the time ice, but food processors are much more tough when it comes to butters and dough.

When it comes to blenders, they are made to handle liquids like smoothies, slushies and purees. They are good to make any recipe that results in a smooth, creamy, or soupy consistency. Blenders can handle some small amounts of ice when it comes to smoothies but aren't ideal to handle other thick or tough items. Hard vegetables, dough, cheese, or thick butters are not supposed to go in your blender. And, the rules are just the same for an immersion blender as they are for a traditional blender.

Food processors can handle tough items, but aren't made for liquids. Anything a bit rough or thick isn't going to do much harm to your processor, and they can deal with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cheese and dough easily, because their blades are extremely sharp. But, when it comes to purées and liquids, that is not your food processor's forte. The liquids could seep out the sides, especially if it's overfilled and it would be very difficult to make anything like soup in your food processor. Stick with hard, textured items and leave the rest to the blender. 

The only common ground for these two appliances is food that has a texture just in the middle of thick and soupy. So really, the only thing that either could do is a food like a dip.

Thus, food processors and blenders seem so alike, but they really aren't. Blenders should stay to blending soupy, creamy foods, while food processors should continue on processing hard, thick foods.

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