The Forgetful Cleaning Checklist!

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 7/31/2018 to DIY

Everyone has the usual cleaning like the kitchen, laundry, vacuuming and so on, but there are multiple places within the house that are often overlooked, but can help increase the cleanliness of the home. Certain areas can have a build up of germs or bacteria which is not what is wanted in a place that you live. Take a look below at some of the areas in the house which could use a good cleaning and de-germing.

One of the many areas people forget to clean is in the bathroom. This includes the shower curtain, replacing the shower curtain liner, behind the toilet, the shower drain, the bottom of the shower door, underneath the area the soaps and shampoos are under and so on. Next time for there is a cleaning of the bathroom, make sure to cover these areas so the bathroom and be as clean as ever.

Other frequent areas that are missed are in the kitchen. Even though sometimes the kitchen may look spotless, there are areas that can be touched up so add a little more cleanliness to the room. First is the refrigerator. People often forget to clean the top of the refrigerator, inside the refrigerator, but by adding a few more seconds to the fridge can help make the room feel clean. Furthermore, other places to clean in the kitchen would be the kitchen table legs, the table chairs, top of the microwave, inside of the microwave, the silverware drawer, the oven drawer, the pantry floor and the coffee maker. These areas can help make the kitchen more clean than before.

Now, there are areas that are in almost every room that should have some attention on them the next time there is a cleaning going around the house. This includes: remote controls, window sills, the top ledge of doors, baseboards, door knobs, lamp shades, closet floors, behind the couches or dressers, banisters, dust houseplants, light switches, pet bowls, cell phones, house phones, inside of trash cans, air filters, air vent grilles, and fan blades.

By cleaning these small items, the house can have the feel of an even deeper clean. It will cause less stress and an extra shine.

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