How to Hand Wash Dishes

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 2/4/2019 to DIY

When moving out on your own, certain tasks may seem new or stressful if never done before. One thing that is simple and not as stressful as people believe is hand washing dishes. If never done before, some may not know where to start. Below is a simple instructional on how to hand wash dishes.

Hand washing dishes is very simple and not something to stress about. All you have to do is:

  1. Empty the sink and clean it by taking away all the leftover food particles. Usually having a strainer in the sink makes it much simpler. This helps not clog the drain as well as make it easier to push any food substances into it. Then take the strainer out and empty it in the trash

  2. Put a sink plug in the hole and fill the sink with hot water and soap

  3. Begin to place dishes in the sink

  4. Put a dishrack or towels on the counter to place dishes after washing

  5. Grab a sponge and begin to clean the dishes

  6. Rinse the dishes, either one at a time or a few at a time

  7. Place the wet dishes on the rack or towels and wait till they dry

Note: Some pots and pans that may have food stuck to them may need a few moments to soak to make the cleaning a bit easier.

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