Improve Your Air Quality This Winter

Posted by Katie Richardson on 1/31/2019 to DIY

With the frightful weather outside, most people are spending as much time indoors as possible. This means that buildings are as airtight as possible, and people are breathing more recirculated air. This increased concentration of contaminants in the air makes the air quality in your home much worse. But don’t worry; there are easy things you can do to get your air quality back up!

The easiest- and best- way to keep the air clean is to keep the rest of the house clean. Particularly in the winter, make sure you are dusting and vacuuming regularly. Don’t forget to vacuum all cloth surfaces also, like curtains and sofas.

Stop indoor air pollution at the source. Try to avoid toxic cleaning solutions, and avoid using high-chemical hair and self-care products. Be sure to have your home checked to make sure you do not have any old equipment giving off emissions or unsealed asbestos.

Check the ducts. Dust and debris can easily build up and spread particles throughout the air. Have them cleaned (or do it yourself) regularly.  

Pay attention to any air filters in your home. Be sure to regularly clean them and replace them when the recommended time is up.

Consider buying an air purifier. They cannot keep your air perfect, but they can majorly improve it, especially in the winter when circulation is lower. Do some research to find the best one for your particular home.

Also consider getting a humidifier. The excessively dry air that tends to come with winter can cause health problems and is not helpful for the already decreased air quality.

Air quality is often forgotten about, but it is extremely important to consider all year-round for health reasons.

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